Fearplay aka Seda Niğbolu is a Berlin-based cultural journalist, radio host, and DJ originally from Istanbul.

Inspired by the tensions between abstract experimental music and dark pop phenomena, her DJ sets fuse elements of dark ambient, industrial, folk, and doom metal to sound out intense emotional and mental transitions.

Niğbolu studied sociology at the University of Istanbul and completed her Master’s degree in cultural journalism at the University of the Arts in Berlin. She currently divides her time between Berlin and Bern and writes and speaks on music, contemporary art, and the intersections of the avant-garde and popular culture. She has been a regular contributor to a number of Turkish and German publications, such as Zitty, Berliner Zeitung and Radikal Newspaper. Her experimental music show on Açık Radyo 94.9 Istanbul will return to the airwaves in May.

In past CTM events, Niğbolu has been billed alongside William Basinski, The Haxan Cloak, and PRSZR in Polymorphism #5 at Berghain, and with OM and Pole at Volksbühne, Berlin, both in 2013.

Dis Locate

Berghain Kantine, Fri 31.01.2014, 22:00

Ion D, Rodion G.A., Veronica Vasicka, Alexander Robotnick, Fearplay