Extreme Precautions[FR]

Extreme Precautions is the latest reincarnation of Toulouse-born Paul Régimbeau, better known for his sinister techno Mondkopf moniker. The new Extreme Precautions project comes as an intentional move away from the moody melancholy of former albums, and pays homage to the harsher sounds found in grindcore influences of trash bands like Napalm Death.

Régimbeau’s first official release in 2006, Un Eté Sur L'Herbe, was gentle for an introduction, barely suggesting the looming hand of darker techno muscle that embodies later albums Rising Doom (Fool House, 2011) and the grandiose storytelling of Hades (In Paradisum, 2014).

A first career jumpstart for Régimbeau came in 2008, when after moving to Paris, the well-known French electro bloggers, Fluokids, debuted their Fool House label and ambitiously promoted Mondkopf’s Principles EP as one of their pet launch projects. By 2012 Régimbeau had embedded himself into the Parisian night tremor, proclaiming a signature identity with the “In Paradisum” club night at the famous Rex Club. Actively inviting atmospheric tech acts like Oneohtrix Point Never, Perc, Inigo Kennedy, Sandwell District, and Demdike Stare, surely influenced Régimbeau’s decision to launch a label under the same name shortly thereafter.

Beyond Régimbeau’s own inclination for musical experimentation, he continues to manage the In Paradisum label, having released over a dozen titles that focus on the harsher metallic sounds of electronica, and using the label as an outlet for his aliases. Régimbeau has a dedicated amount of remixes of classics by artists such as Johnny Cash, The Teenagers, Caribou, and Pony Pony Run Run that propagate his following to an even larger fanbase.

Born in Toulouse, France in 1986, he now resides in Paris while actively touring throughout Europe and the UK.


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Extreme Precautions, Electric Wizard