Roc Jiménez de Cisneros and Stephen Sharp produce what they call "computer music for hooligans". Their work can be understood as an aesthetic exploration of algorithmic composition and a deconstruction of rave culture under the light of various theories in recent metaphysics.

Their music has been published on record labels like Entr'acte, Mego, Presto!?, fals.ch or their very own ALKU. Their work has been exhibited at numerous festivals, clubs, galleries and museums throughout the world.

EVOL recordings, installations, and performances display a radical and playful approach to audio synthesis, full of upward spirals, trance inducing patterns and challenging temporal structures, halfway between academia and psychedelia.

Rave Undead II

Berghain, Fri 01.02.2013, 23:00

Conor Thomas, Samuel Kerridge, Shed, Powell, EVOL, Andy Stott, Mark Archer (Altern 8), Lower Order Ethics