Erwan Keravec[FR]

Photo by Atelier Marge Design.

French piper musician Erwan Keravec brings Sonneurs to CTM, which celebrates traditional Breton folk music, while offering a groundbreaking new canon of compositions.

Performed by a quartet of bagpipes (with the biniou koz, bombard, and trelombard) assembled by Keravec, Sonneurs reflects the Celtic diaspora of aerophone instruments, spanning from Scotland to the piper’s native Brittany on the north-west peninsula of France. Sonneurs, released as an album in 2017 on Buda Musique, hints both at the long tradition of early music while expanding its compositional practice towards postmodernism.

Erwan Keravec’s unique practice encompasses a wide range of styles, from traditional to modern composition and free improvisation using the Scottish bagpipes. On his albums Nu Piping (2013), Urban Pipes I (2007) and II (2011) Keravec developed his solo performance, which departed from the Breton folk tradition to incorporate drone and sound spatialisation into his compositional inventory.

Keravec also displays an impressive range of collaborations, ranging from working with vocal Benat Achiary to trumpet and flugelhorn player Jean-Luc Cappozzo. In 2018 Keravec formed LUFT with noise saxophonist Mats Gustafsson, which culminated in the release of Inhale on Swedish free jazz label Omlott.

Sonneurs features Mickaël Cozien (biniou koz), Erwan Hamon (bombard), and Guénolé Keravec (trelombard).

As If We Remembered

HAU2, Sun 27.01.2019, 19:30

Maja S.K. Ratkje & Katarina Barruk, Erwan Keravec