Eric D. Clark[US/DE]

Photo by Jeffrey Sales.

Eric D. Clark's music career started decades ago. From Sunday church performances in California at the age of 10 as a classical and gospel piano prodigy to mastering disco and electronica keyboard, Clark trained his ears and hands until 1981 when he finally claimed his place behind turntables and took up residencies in San Francisco’s most famous clubs.

Clark later took the Parisian nightlife circuit by storm, DJing an eclectic array of venues: galleries, clubs, and early raves. He started Whirlpool Productions with Justus Köhncke & Hans Nieswandt, which spawned European hits such as "The Cold Song" and "From Disco to Disco." His list of collaborators includes Giorgio Moroder, TLC, Chaka Khan, Chicks on Speed, Peaches, and more. 

Hacklab Input II: Shapeshifters. Performance Personas, Transformation, and Power

KQB Studio 1, Mon 27.01.2020, 15:30

Bora, Eric D. Clark, Peter Kirn