Equiknoxx ft. Shanique Marie[JM]

Equiknoxx is a forward-thinking production outfit from Jamaica known for its distinctive take on dancehall. The crew has released on Demdike Stare’s label, DDS, and Swing Ting.

To date, the collective has released two LPs. 2016’s Bird Sound Power is distinctive and radical, comprised of fractured dancehall rhythms, dark soundscapes, and tinges of hip hop. 2017’s Colón Man is more cohesive, taking the dark, psychedelic sounds of the first record further. Throughout, they maintain a sense of humour, whilst delivering releases that are “full of striking production flourishes delivered with casual elegance, like they're nothing at all” (Resident Advisor).

Prior to the releases on DDS, Equiknoxx were already enjoying a fruitful career as dancehall producers, working with the likes of Busy Signal and Aidonia on “Step Out” and “Hundred Stab”, respectively. Now, their sound pushes the convention of the genre even further. The crew is home to Bobby Blackbird, Kemikal Splash, Gavsborg, Time Cow and singer Shanique Marie, the last three of whom will perform at CTM 2018.

Red Bull Music Academy Lectures

Red Bull Music Studios Berlin, Sat 03.02.2018, 15:00

Equiknoxx feat Shanique Marie

New Turf

YAAM I, Sat 03.02.2018, 23:00

Hunni'd Jaws, Nihiloxica, Equiknoxx feat Shanique Marie, Hitmakerchinx & DJ Aaron, RoxXan, Bad Gyal, DJ Heroin