Elena Colombi[UK]

Elena Colombi’s musical style taps into a wide array of influences and inspirations. She hosts a monthly show on London’s NTS, weaving together a range of up-and-at-'em records from techno to post-punk and through EBM, industrial, and more.

Colombi’s genre-fluid style is heavily influenced by her nomadic, free-spirited parents. Born in Italy, her upbringing exposed her to a range of music, from the sounds of India and Thailand to genres such as dub and reggae. In 2008, Colombi relocated to London and set up a successful series of parties, making a name for herself in London’s underground.

Never one to pander to trends, Colombi embraces her favourite sounds of the past, present and future, paying particular attention to obscure and undiscovered artists. Her sets traverse industrial rhythms, pulsing techno, ambient atmospheres, synthesised sounds, freaky disco, balearic love affairs, and proto-house. Anything and everything goes in her dynamic sets, whether on the radio, in a club, or in her own collection of diverse mixes. In the past year alone, she has appeared everywhere from Berlin’s Säule to Amsterdam’s De School to Dekmantel Selectors.