Electric Wizard[UK]

Reigning psychedelic metal lords Electric Wizard are one of Britain's most notorious and enduring heavy bands, who—despite moving through a number of member shifts and hiatuses in over two decades in existence—remain as uncompromising and nihilistic as ever.

Formed in Dorset, England by guitarist and vocalist Jus Oborn, Tim Bagshaw, and Mark Greening, the origins of Electric Wizard date back to 1989 when some of the members started playing together as Lord of Putrefaction and, subsequently, Thy Grief Eternal. Since then they have released eight full-length albums, a few of which, such as Come My Fanatics..., and Dopethrone have long been embraced and stored 'in the vaults' as doom classics.

Electric Wizard have long been embraced as doom linchpins with their use of tense, hypnotic stoner riffs, heavy, dripping, low-end psychedelic freakouts, and ominous vibrations. Their hallucinatory world of sleaze, exploitation, vintage horror, and occult syncrasies conjures up the dark and dirty sides of popular culture. Described by Oborn as "a perfect example of arrested development" (The Quietus) and aiming to stand outside of time, Electric Wizard lead us along on hazy trudges through secondhand smoke and misanthropic glee.

At CTM 2015, Electric Wizard appears in its current configuration of Oborn, guitarist Liz Buckingham, returning drummer Mark Greening, and bass player Clayton Burgess in support of the group's most recent album Time to Die, released by Spinefarm/Witchfinder in 2014.


Astra, Sun 25.01.2015, 20:00

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