DJ Sotofett[NO]

DJ Sotofett is, together with his brother DJ Fett Burger, one of the minds behind the strange and wonderful Sex Tags Mania label universe, with a taste for equally strange and wonderful DJ sets.

Consisting from the labels Sex Tags Mania and Sex Tags Amfibia, the two brothers release a wide span of music reaching from their unusual vison of house and techno to dub or even psychedelic surf rock. Same goes for DJ Sotofett’s sets: Spanning often more than six hours they open up like a musical Mandelbrot fractal, engulfing the listener in a mind-expanding host of possibilities.

The Midas Touch

Stattbad I, Sat 02.02.2013, 23:00

Greco-Roman Soundsystem, Skream feat. Sgt Pokes, Anika (DJ), Simian Mobile Disco, DJ Sotofett