DJ Diaki[ML]

DJ Diaki redefines the sounds of Malian dance music. Grounded in balani shows, his polyrhythmic loop-based sound grew out of traditional wedding receptions and is now now common to local street parties. 

As a DJ and radio curator, Diaki's music is infused with  is a master in loop-based mixing. Within his style, he generates intense poly-rhythmic music infused with coupé décalé, soukous, and much more. Recordings of folk instruments and djembe are remixed, made into tracks as fast as 170bpm that soundtrack the parties of Mali. 

Evasive Bliss

Panorama Bar, Fri 31.01.2020, 23:00

Ashley Venom, DJ Diaki, Henry Wu, Gigsta, Valesuchi, Floyd Lavine b2b MINCO