Dinos Chapman[UK]

Dinos Chapman is a transgressive visual artist who recently released two collections of experimental music.

Chapman studied at the Ravensbourne College of Art and is best known for his collaborations with his brother, Jake Chapman, as the Chapman Brothers. The duo deals in deliberately provocative and politically weighted subject matter, producing, for example, anatomically distorted fiberglass mannequins, miniature Nazis, and appropriated versions of Adolph Hitler’s watercolours. Considered among the preeminent contemporary artists of their generation, the pair was nominated for the prestigious Turner Prize in 2008, and has exhibited extensively all over the world, with notable shows at White Cube, Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool, Modern Art Oxford, and Gagosian New York.

In 2013, Chapman made his music production debut with Luftbobler (Norwegian for “air bubbles”). He began making "experimental ambient electronic noise" recreationally a decade ago, and the album amasses these East London basement studio productions, comprehensively inspired by “insomnia, horror movies, and boredom” (FACT).  A press release suggests that the album reflects his interests in “the industrial pulse of T/G, willful experimentation of Stockhausen and impish playfulness of Squarepusher, but sounds like none of them.” A site-specific audio-visual installation of Luftbobler was staged The Vinyl Factory in Soho, London to accompany the release in February 2013. The release is part of a series of fine artist collaborations mounted by The Vinyl Factory, including recent editions by Martin Creed, Jeremy Deller, Gavin Turk, and Tim Noble & Sue Webster.

Six months following, Chapman struck again with a new EP, Luv2h8, which included a remix of “Luftbobler” by producer Trevor Jackson. The release exhibited a stylistic progression for the artist, and was described by The Wire as combining “horror and melancholy potently. Chapman simmers his haunted creations, a sort of David Lynch of the dancefloor."


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Dinos Chapman