Demdike Stare[UK]

The collaborative project of Modern Love’s Miles Whittaker (MLZ, Pendle Coven, Daughter of the Industrial Revolution) and the professional record collector Sean Canty is named after a 17th century witch and delves deeply into horror, occult, and 80s industrial aesthetics.

The Manchester duo debuted in 2009 with the album Symbiosis (Modern Love), a collection of tracks previously released on limited edition vinyl. They have since released three mini albums – later collected on the triple disc Tryptych (Modern Love 2011) – and the double disc Elemental (Modern Love 2012), which reflects an increasingly bleak vision.

Miles Whittaker has spent years making techno as MLZ and one half of Pendle Coven. He is also involved in the groups Daughter Of The Industrial Revolution, PCB, Slant Azymuth, and Suum Cuique.

Sean Canty works for the Finders Keepers label digging for obscure and out of print recordings to re-release. He is also involved in two side projects with Andy Votel: Anworth Kirk, and Applehead. Together with Andy Votel, Demdike Stare operate the Finders-Keepers sub-labels Pre-Cert Home Entertainment and Dead-Cert Home Entertainment.

Darkness Bright

HKW, Sat 02.02.2013, 22:30

Demdike Stare, Gatekeeper 

MusicMakers Hacklab – Day 5: Going Live

Kunstquartier Projektraum, Fri 01.02.2013, 12:00

Ongoing workshops, plus presentations by Tim Exile, Demdike Stare and Hacklab.