Dariush Sardari[IR]

Dariush Sardari (b. 1984, Tehran, Iran) is the co-founder of Beshknow, an independent radio station based in Tehran, and a former professional basketball player in the Iranian National Basketball Team.

Prior to launching Beshknow, he was involved in various projects in London, Turkey, and Tehran. After settling down in Tehran, and with a long-term background in playing different instruments from saxophone to keyboard, he felt the need to run a platform dedicated to enhancing the public taste and redefining music listening in the country by providing adequate music. Since 2016, Beshknow has been serving the online community as well as the offline daily audiences with a diverse range of tunes in both private and public spaces by designing sound and tunes through its website and application. Dariush Sardari currently contributes to the transformation of the activities of music listening and highlighting cultural participation in distinct worlds through music and space.

Every Place Has a Sound: Beshknow Radio Tehran

Kunstquartier Studio 1, Wed 30.01.2019, 15:15

Dariush Sardari, Hanna Bächer