COH + Tina Frank[RU/AT]

The talents of COH (Ivan Pavlov), a core member of the raster-noton collective, and Tina Frank, the graphic artist who defined the Mego aesthetic, merge for this new project exploring the synchronisation of real-time generated colourfields and immersive live sound; a world of sonic micro structures mapped in colour and pattern.

Frank and Pavlov worked together in 2013 on the design of his album cover RETRO2038, and again on Frank’s first film colterrain, followed by the live project, which debuted in Vienna last year. For their first performance, “… audio was transmitted through a Synchronator device that translates audio frequencies into RGB frequencies. With this method, the image is actually the music turned into colour and filmed live using analogue equipment.” (Tina Frank)

Tina Frank is a graphic designer, media artist, and professor of visual communication at the University of Arts and Industrial Design in Linz. Frank designed the cover artwork for key Mego releases including albums by the likes of Christian Fennesz, members of Pan Sonic, Jim O'Rourke, and Florian Hecker. She started working with video and multimedia in the mid-1990s.

COH, pronounced “son”, is the musical alias of Ivan Pavlov (Иван Павлов). Pavlov was born in Russia and trained as an acoustic engineer when serving in the Russian Navy. Today he lives in Sweden working as a freelance programmer. The moniker COH, which can be read in Cyrillic as well as in Latin means ‘”sleep” or “dream” in Russian, and is an indication of his enduring ties with the Russian avant-garde.

COH has worked with Coil as well as Annie Anxiety, Richard Chartier, and Cosey Fanni Tutti. Side projects include oxy and SoiSong (a band with ex-Coil member Peter Christopherson). His early as well as current works were released on raster-noton, and Pavlov also runs his own label, wavetrap.

Editions Mego III

Berghain, Tue 28.01.2014, 22:00

Russell Haswell, Yasunao Tone, KTL, Chris Madak (Bee Mask), COH & Tina Frank