Carsten Seiffarth[DE]

Carsten Seiffarth is the founder and artistic director of Berlin sound art gallery singuhr – hoergalerie and, together with Carsten Stabenow, is one of the main driving forces behind DOCK e.V.

DOCK e.V. is an initiative for art and media in Berlin that aims to create a backbone for production in the field of art and technology. An independent curator and producer, he initiates and produces sound art exhibitions internationally.

Seiffarth (b. 1963) studied orchestral music, musicology, and sociology in Weimar and Berlin. He has been producing and overseeing contemporary music and sound art projects in Germany and abroad since 1991. From 2005 to 2007 he was a member of the artistic directorate of the now defunct media art laboratory TESLA Berlin. Seiffarth established singuhr – hoergalerie, Germany’s only sound art gallery, in Berlin in 1996, and has been the director there ever since. Since its inception in 1996, the singuhr – hoergalerie has presented many landmark sound installations, including more than 70 solo shows of national and international sound artists.

In recent years Seiffarth has acted as guest curator at a number of galleries and museums. Since 2010 he has been curator and director of Bonn Hoeren, an urban sound art project in Bonn, and in 2011 he took the post as one of the artistic directors of Sound Exchange – Enclaves of Experimental Music Culture in Central Eastern Europe. He also contributes to Tuned City, an ongoing project to examine the relations between architecture and sound, and has also edited several publications: Singuhr 1996-2006; Tesla 2005-2007; Sam Auinger: A Hearing Perspective; Paul DeMarinis: Buried in Noise; and Gordon Monahan: Seeing Sound.

Sound Exchange – Perspectives

Kunstquartier Studio 1, Sun 26.01.2014, 16:00

Panel discussion with Carsten Seiffarth, Susanne Binas-Preisendörfer, Raul Keller, Daniel Muzyczuk, Carsten Stabenow, Moderator: Golo Föllmer

Subharchord – A Child Of The Golden Age

Funkhaus Nalepastr., Sat 02.02.2013, 12:00

Ina Pillat, Gerhard Steinke, Carsten Seiffarth, Frederic Rzewski, Frank Bretschneider, Biosphere & The Pitch