Cande Sánchez Olmos[ES]

Dr. Cande Sánchez Olmos is a lecturer currently teaching Semiotics of Mass Media and Creative Industries at The University of Alicante in Spain. She is also a professor at the Madrid School of Marketing.

Sánchez Olmos works as a freelance cultural programmer and regularly writes about music and brands for Control, the leading professional journal aimed at Spanish advertisers. Cande is a contributor in the Norient project “Seismographic Sounds Visions of a New World”, in which she has a chapter entitled “From democratic to corporate” and a commentary about the “Champs-Elysée” music video. In addition, she is an active feminist, fighting for a world without violence against women.

Product Placement: From Music Videos to Commercial Music Videos

Kunstquartier Studio 1, Fri 05.02.2016, 12:00

A/V-lecture by Candé Sanchez Olmos