Photo by Dan Beleiu

Behind the decks, Romanian-born, Berlin-based DJ Borusiade serves up bold and bruising combinations of minimal wave, dark disco, and acidic, rough-shod house. As a producer, she has released bristling, EBM-tinged music on Cititrax and Cómeme.

Miruna Boruzescu first began DJing in 2002, when she was one of the few visible women DJs in the beginnings of Bucharest’s club scene. She has a background in classical music, but later found herself drawn to electronics, and explores the tension between the two both through her DJ sets and her own productions. Her music, as heard on Promises & Infatuation and Feelings of Entropy, leans on punchy basslines and trippy percussion. Cómeme is not only home to her EP Jeopardy and the single "Silent" that previews her upcoming A Body LP,  but also hosts her radio show, The Dreamcatcher.

Boruzescu has guested on Hessle's Rinse FM residency and remixed Ana Helder for the One Night in Cómeme Vol. 4 compilation. Borusiade is an alumnus of SHAPE, or Sound Heterogeneous Art and Performance in Europe - a platform that connects new artists working in the realm of sound. For CTM 2018, she will play an EBM-influenced set in the vein of her upcoming album, a sound she can be heard venturing through on her recent Dekmantel Podcast.

Flows III

Panorama Bar, Fri 05.02.2016, 23:59

Borusiade, Mikael Seifu, Baris K, Honey Dijon, Resom