Photo by Ema Discordant

Blood, sweat, rage and noise: BlackBlackGold vomits unfriendly sounds through a meat grinder and onto the dance floor. As the co-organiser of Drop Dead Festival and co-founder of Berlin collective UnReaL, BBG twists his anarcho-gothy roots amongst contemporary grime, blackened metal, and shattered industrial club sounds. Shards of queer noise and obscure experimental tracks, manipulated power tools, chopped hip-hop, DIY samples, and abrupt changes are some of his favorite devices. Feel-good music makes him feel bad—his is an unhappy house, and he's happy there. Hail Cheez-It.


Halle am Berghain II, Thu 07.02.2019, 16:00

With BlackBlackGold and Bestial Mouths


Stattbad III, Sat 02.02.2013, 23:00

BlackBlackGold, Tom Ass, xorzyzt, Sun Worship, Necro Deathmort, Alec Empire


Stattbad II, Sat 02.02.2013, 23:00

BlackBlackGold, Tom Ass, xorzyzt, Gatekeeper, ︻╦╤─ ƱZ ─╤╦︻, Mykki Blanco, EAN, Half Girl / Half Sick