Bjørn Torske[NO]

An old-school visionary heads south for winter to treat us to some prime mixing. Nedi Myra, better known as Bjørn Torske, was born in 1971 in Trondheim and grew up in Norway’s techno capital, Tromsø. The Norwegian mastermind is known for his trademark form of experimental house music. 

Myra is credited with inventing "skrangle-house," a blend of dub, disco, pastoral rock, reggae, techno and acid Scandinavian dance music, and effectively cast the mold for "Scandinavian space disco." In his wake he has inspired the likes of DJ Sotofett, Todd Terje, Lindstrom, Mungolian Jetset and Prins Thomas. 

Bjørn Torske has been active as a DJ and music producer for almost 20 years. He first began to experiment with remixing, synthesizers, drum machines and tape edits in 1987. Since then he has released a total of five albums via labels like Crammed Discs dance imprint SSR Records, Djax-Up-Beats (under the moniker Ismistik), Ferox Records, SVEK Records, Tellé Records and Smalltown Supersound. He also joined Norwegian ambient/techno producer Geir Jenssen as a keyboard player on a European tour with Biosphere in the early 90s.

Myra has played throughout Europe, the UK, the U.S., Canada and Japan. Since the early 2000s, Torske has delivered remixes for a variety of artists and projects in addition to his own releases on Smalltown Supersound. Smalltown Supersound will be releasing remastered versions of his previous albums Nedi Myra and Trøbbel this winter.

Northern Disco Lights

Kunstquartier Studio 1, Fri 27.01.2017, 21:00

Ben Davis, Bjørn Torske, Einar Eidsvåg


Panorama Bar, Fri 27.01.2017, 23:59

Front de Cadeaux, Charlotte Bendiks, Boska, Bjørn Torske, Diskjokke, Peggy Gou