Bill Vorn[CA/QC]

Monteal-based artist Bill Vorn has been active in robotic art since the early 90s. His installation and performance work involve robotics, motion control, sound, lighting, video, and cybernetic processes.

Through artistic work and research, he considers topics such as artificial life and agent technologies, departing from the aesthetics of artificial behaviours. He holds a PhD in Communication Studies from Montreal’s UQAM for his thesis on Artificial Life as a Media, and teaches Electronic Arts in the Department of Studio Arts at Concordia University.

Vorn’s work has been presented internationally, at events such as Ars Electronica, ISEA, DEAF, Sonar, Art Futura, EMAF, and Artec. He has been awarded a Numix award (Montreal, 2016), the Vida 2.0 award (1999, Madrid), the Leprecon Award for Interactivity (1998, New York), the Prix Ars Electronica Distinction award (1996, Linz), and the International Digital Media Award (1996, Toronto). He has worked in collaboration with many Canadian artists (including Edouard Lock, Robert Lepage, Gilles Maheu, LP Demers, and Istvan Kantor), and co-founded the electronic pop music band Rational Youth with Tracy Howe in 1981.

For CTM 2020, Vorn presents his collaboration with Louis-Philippe Demers, titled “Inferno.” A dark take on technology and control, “Inferno” is a participatory robotic performance enacting an experience of hell and punishment which addresses many persistent anxieties around the relationships between humans and technologies.

Inferno 1

radialsystem Halle, Thu 30.01.2020, 17:30

Louis-Philippe Demers & Bill Vorn

Inferno 2

radialsystem Halle, Fri 31.01.2020, 22:00

Louis-Philippe Demers & Bill Vorn

Inferno 3

radialsystem Halle, Sat 01.02.2020, 17:30

Louis-Philippe Demers & Bill Vorn

Inferno 4

radialsystem Halle, Sat 01.02.2020, 22:00

Louis-Philippe Demers & Bill Vorn