Bestial Mouths[US/DE]

The bewitching music of neo-goth advocates Bestial Mouths takes audiences on a dialectical journey juxtaposing consciousness and unconsciousness. Vocalist Lynette Cerezo recounts soul-shaking visions with anecdotal abstractions from her personal past, invoking the darkest depths of the human condition.

After leaving behind a career in fashion design and a past in political activism for gender equality, Cerezo’s personal quest led her to singing. Sonorous vocal delivery became the most powerful tool through which to articulate her passion for music and art and convey her compassionate efforts to relieve the struggle of life’s plights. Inspired by cyclical, hypnotic rhythms and the emotional vocal range of nomadic folk singing traditions, her creative evolution is also informed by a hunger for experimentation and constant drive to learn.
Since their inception in 2009, Bestial Mouths have led darkwave into novel, contemporary realms of sinister by fusing synthesizer-created classic bass lines and melodies with both acoustic and electronic drums, homemade field recordings, vocal samples, and Cerezo’s live, adventurous phraseology. In an effort to present and iridescent reflection of past, present, and future, their sound draws from goth, industrial, post-punk, new wave, minimal synth, noise, metal, experimental, and avant-garde.

Bestial Mouths has worked with various acclaimed producers, from Jürgen Engler of Die Krupps (for their LP Heartless) to David Psutka of Egyptrixx and Danny Saber of Black Grape. After Heartless (Cleopatra Records, 2016) came the digital remix album (Still) Heartless (Cleopatra Records, 2017), which includes reinterpretations by the likes of Die Krupps, Zanias (of Linea Aspera), The Horrorist, and Ludovico Technique, as well as two new original tracks and a new video for the track “Worn Skin”. The band has toured North America and Europe extensively and shared stages with Psychic TV, Austra, Chelsea Wolfe, Suicide Commando, David J. (of Bauhaus & Love and Rockets), King Dude, Youth Code, Cut Hands, and Light Asylum.


Halle am Berghain II, Thu 07.02.2019, 16:00

With BlackBlackGold and Bestial Mouths

CTM 2018 Closing Concert

Festsaal Kreuzberg, Sun 04.02.2018, 20:00

Bestial Mouths, DAF