Brittnee Moore, better known as Bbymutha, is a rapper and vocalist from Tennessee. With a penchant for working with experimental and underground hip hop producers, Bbymutha has earned herself a cult fan base, in part thanks to her lyrics on sexuality, motherhood, and identity.

Bbymutha first emerged via self-releasing a handful of EPs. Her runaway single “Rules,” accompanied by a viral video, gained plaudits from acts like Kehlani, SZA, and Björk. She has since worked with numerous artists across the world, including Suicideyear, LSDXOXO, and God Colony. Her standout EP Muthaz Day 3 featured a host of underground and emerging female rappes, including Noname, CupcakKe, Tierra Whack, and Rico Nasty, challenging a still male dominated genre with genuine swagger.

The Bbymutha universe, known as The Mutha Land, which she cultivates through her lyrics and interviews, celebrates women who are sexual, vulgar, ambitious, and savvy. Moore has also turned a lifestyle society might deem unwise—being a self-professed stay-at-home-mom-of 2 sets of twins who earns her living as an artist—into a veritable goal. By her very existence, Bbymutha is a champion of the people without ever having to say so. Her 2018 single “Dancing On The Dick” is an archetypal Bbymutha track, with its familiarly haunting beat and icy-cool Southern drawl, her dark sense of humour emerging throughout.

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