Photo by Tauana Sofia.

Hailing from Brazil is BadSista, the MC and DJ with roots in the emo scene. She palpably harnesses the energy from her emo days, and funnels it into high-energy sets full of rave cuts, funk carioca, and bassy tunes. 

BadSista chose her name after an argument, wishing to channel a harder, uncompromising energy with this project. The desire to infiltrate a male-dominated scene was the impetus for diving further into production with her Bad$ista EP, which was released on São Paulo’s Funk na Caixa. The EP amalgamated ragga, trap, hip hop, and more, and featured an appearance from MC Lei Di Dai. 

Her own productions carry a vulnerability and rawness, as heard on self-released, unmixed, and unmastered tunes uploaded to SoundCloud. She’s also responsible for a handful of remixes, such as for artists including influential Brazilian vocalist Elza Soares and Berlin-based producer Daniel Haaksman.

BadSista is also part of the São Paulo promoter collective Tormenta, a crew known for output that comments on today’s social, political, and economic climate. Compilation TORMENTA HITS VOL. II includes tracks from BadSista, Superficie, and Fkoff1963. Vocal about her politics, she is also active as part of Bandida, a feminist electronic music collective featuring Blackat, Sijeh, and Tatiane Lisbon.

In 2018, she delivered a fiery mix for The Fader (named by FACT as one of October’s must-hear mixes), which unapologetically stomped through outrageous edits, industrial techno, and energetic breakbeat. BadSista DJs for Linn da Quebrada, and will also be a part of Quebrada’s two-night appearance at HAU 1. 

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