Florian Lepa or Ateq is one of the old-timers in the Weimar-based Giegling, a label and collective known for its melancholic, awestruck take on minimal techno and house. Lepa lives in Berlin and keeps busy performing DJ- and live sets in prestigious clubs the world over.  

Giegling is the fruit of a close-knit posse whose roots go back to Weimar’s Bauhaus University (and even further—members Konstantin and Rafael have been friends since childhood). The group of producers and music aficionados have partied and lived together since the early 00’s, and started throwing regular parties at a club called Giegling in an abandoned building in Weimar. When the building was torn down in 2008, the collective built and named their new label as a requiem to the lost space that helped congeal a life-affirming and creative community. According to Lepa, each of the Giegling members plays a distinct role: while Konstantin puts on the pressure and Vril is the “minister of doom”, Ateq is responsible for the “artsy fartsy vibe”. All three of Ateq’s 12”s were released on Giegling. Res came out in 2011, followed by an untitled split EP with Edward and by Sig, both in 2013. His tracks all share a vivid, rotund, 3D silhouette and a low-key, keep-it-moving pace. He often appears in cohorts with Berlin's Rødhåd.

Flows I

Panorama Bar, Fri 29.01.2016, 23:59

Charlotte Bendiks, André Bratten, HMOT, Buttechno b2b Low808, Rødhåd, Ateq