Anna Tskhovrebov[US/DE]

Anna Tskhovrebov enjoys programming 8-bit assembly, C++ and drum loops, always drawn to the blurred boundaries between art and engineering. She joined the team at Studio Robert Henke in 2018 after finishing a master’s degree at the computer music department (CCRMA) in Stanford, California.

Her role in Henke's "CBM 8032" project involved leading the software development endeavour, designing and evolving graphics routines, and programming a sequencer that Henke uses during the concert. Currently Tskhovrebov is also building instruments and effects at Ableton in Berlin, and trying to figure out how to play both drum machine and bass guitar at the same time in her bedroom.

Hacklab Input III: Inside CBM 8032 AV

KQB Studio 1, Mon 27.01.2020, 17:00

Robert Henke, Anna Tskhovrebov