Anna Homler[US]

Anna Homler is a Los Angeles-based vocal, visual, and performance artist and the co-creator of the 1980s project, Breadwoman. Her work employs a sensibility both ancient and postmodern. By singing in an improvised melodic language, she explores alternative means of communication and illuminates the poetry in the ordinary.

Homler first became known as a vocalist in the context of her Breadwoman collaboration and 1985 cassette release with electronic musician Steve Moshier. Thirty years later, the music still stands out, and was recently re-issued on vinyl by RVNG international. Her debut solo album, Dó Ya Sá di Dó, was released in 1992 on AMF music. In the mid-1990s, she released the albums Silver Bowl Transmission and Peninsular Enclosure in the UK as a member of the duo Voices of Kwahn. In 1997, a recording of her live performance with Waegeman and Fajt was released on the label Victo as Corne de Vache. This was followed by House of Hands in 2000, and both Kelpland Serenades with Steuart Liebig and Piewacket with Stephanie Payne in 2005. The fruit of her duo project with Sylvia Hallett, The Many Moods of Bread and Shed (Orchestra Pit Recording Co.), came out in 2012.

One of the pinnacles of her career was the performance installation project PHARMACIA POETICA, which examines the symbolic and tonal qualities of words and objects and has been shown in galleries and museums from California to Sweden.

RBMA Sessions: Anna Homler & Steven Warwick

Red Bull Studios Berlin, Thu 04.02.2016, 15:30

Host: Hanna Bächer


HAU2, Fri 05.02.2016, 20:30

Anna Homler and Steven Warwick with Natsuko Kono