András Nun[HU]

András Nun set up volunteer-based Ultrasound Foundation in Budapest 1999, running UH Fest (aka Ultrahang) since 2001. The festival serves as one of Hungary’s notable links to international contemporary music networks. With Ultrasound Foundation, Nun has taged more than 500 concerts, mostly premieres in the country, helping foster a receptive, attentive and open minded audience.

András Nun studied history, non-profit management and aesthetics. He currently works at Autonomia Foundation, that besides its own Roma integration programmes is the fund operator of EEA/Norway Grants,a funding scheme that supports projects by independent NGOs that promote democracy, human rights, gender and equal opportunity in Hungary. For almost two years (2014-2015) the programme became public enemy number one of Orbán’s un-liberal regime. During these years, the Hungarian government practiced an unprecedented crackdown on civil society and began the still ongoing intimidation of those who dare to disagree with the government’s politics.

Diversity at Clubs & Events

Kunstquartier Projektraum, Wed 01.02.2017, 14:00

Booty Bootique Soundsystem, Institut für Zukunft, SchwuZ, UH Festival, Unsound, VIA, XXY