Amnesia Scanner[INT]

Despite an ever-growing international fan base, little is known about the “Xperienz Designer” duo Amnesia Scanner, which “hails from the anterior cortex of Berlin’s electronic hivemind” (Boomkat). They produced Mykki Blanco’s hit “Booty Bamboo” in late 2013, via which they established reputed ties with UNO NYC.

The duo also gained attention from the underground art world for a string of hyperglossy videos published on YouTube since late 2013. Then, they achieved a new level of recognition with their stunning AS LIVE [][][][][], an album said to capture a live performance from March 15, 2013. With its artificial, nay, hyper-real clangs, beats and thuds, the 23-minute stream was immediately likened to Arca’s &&&&& and hailed as “a timeline of recent dance and beat music trends” (Dummy Magazine). Tiny Mix Tapes wrote, “It’s a hyperextension through the digital muck: aestheticized chronos, sentient beats, all dynamics: noisy, disorienting, & exhilarating, running on its own cold, mechanical inertia: the moment when you realize the security camera is no longer for your security at all.”

The 14-minute abstract poetry setting Angels Rig Hook was released as an mp3 on Gum Artefacts in 2013. In 2015 they contributed to “An Exit” from Holly Herndon’s LP Platform. Their latest six-track EP, the 12” AS on Young Turks, was released this past year to widespread fascination and intimidation. Its first seconds are an aerosol release of the pressurized contents of a couple of years’ hard work. As incisive as it is broad-stroked, right out of the gates the album is rabid with iridescent textural diversity. AS decimates and regurgitates tropes of trance, future grime, Atlanta, noise, and mainstream pop, all the while with their signature taste for the imax theater-scale epic and tendency to channel the impending apocalypse thru the cloud.  

Xeno III

Berghain, Thu 29.01.2015, 22:00

We Will Fail, Amnesia Scanner, Gazelle Twin, Suicideyear, Evian Christ live, Volte-Face

Berlin Current x Janus @ Unsound

Unsound Festival, Fri 17.10.2014, 23:00

Amnesia Scanner, KABLAM, Lotic, M.E.S.H., Total Freedom, TCF