Alina Filippova[RU]

Filmmaker Alina Filippova creates work that portrays youth cultures and meditates on themes of ennui, loneliness, and intergenerational tension. Lebedyan, a village in southeastern Russia, is both her hometown and an indispensable point of reference for her creative endeavours.

Filippova has made two music videos, “Wonderland” and “This Good”, for her Russian compatriots Anya Kuts and Ivan Zoloto of Love Cult. The former uses sequences from Filippova’s short film “Holy Days”. This film, due to be released in 2016, tells the story of young people trapped in a small town over a summer vacation. The footage communicates a melancholy coming-of-age narrative and portrays the strain between an old, post-Soviet way of life and a youthful, globally-minded hipster culture — a clash that is as representative as it is site-specific. Filippova has filmed several fashion shoots, including one for the post-apocalyptic, Moscow-based streetwear brand Darkdrone.

Love Cult’s Anya Kuts and Ivan Zoloto share Filippova’s interest in the sordid, complex underbelly of daily life in Russia, and in the indirect communication structures that prevail there. Their joint live project “Nada” will be debuted at CTM 2016.

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HAU2, Mon 01.02.2016, 20:30

Love Cult & Alina Filippova, Buttechno