9T Antiope[IR/FR]

Photo by Selma Pour-Amin.

9T Antiope is the Iranian duo of Sara Bigdeli Shamloo and Nima Aghiani. They combine acoustic instrumentation with voice and atmospheric electronics to bring alien and often-contradictory cultural worlds to light. 

Since their performance at last year’s edition of CTM, they have also performed at the 2018 collaboration between CTM and SET, the annual experimental electronic festival staged in their home city of Tehran.

Along with a host of electronic producers, 9T Antiope grew up in the adventurous arts scene burgeoning in Iran’s capital, releasing their debut album Syzygys on Unperceived Records. Since, the pair have moved to Paris and self-released EP Of Murk and Shallow Water, before following it with Isthmus (2017) on French label Eilean Records. According to Philip Sherburne, 9T Antiope’s compositions “are eerie and enrapturing, like an itinerant bard warming her hands over a pile of burning dot-matrix printers.” Adorning Shamloo’s understated vocals, comes acoustic instrumentation reminiscent of medieval folk music breaking through dense industrial and techno textures, reflecting the group’s desire to bring their own narratives into experimental noise.

9T Antiope represent part of a rich and collaborative Iranian noise scene spanning from their home country towards Europe and beyond. Isthmus features field recordings from Tehran sent over by fellow producer Siavash Amini. Very recently, they contributed to Ata ‘Sote’ Ektabar’s Girih compilation, both as 9T Antiope as well as their under their solo aliases. Girih is an epic four-volume documentation of electronic composers from the region, which was supported by UK label Opal Tapes. The past year has seen Nima Aghiani release REMS on New York experimental noise and hip hop label PTP to critical acclaim, as well as the duo’s return to performing with experimental pop group Migrain Sq alongside multi-instrumentalist Pouya Pour-Amin.

As If We Existed

HAU2, Tue 29.01.2019, 19:00

9T Antiope & Rainer Kohlberger, Stefan Fraunberger

CTM x SET Festival

HAU1, Wed 01.02.2017, 19:00

9T Antiope, Siavash Amini, Sote with Tarik Barri, Arash Bolouri and Behrouz Pashaei

Contemporary Sound in Iran

Kunstquartier Studio 1, Thu 02.02.2017, 12:00

Sote, Siavash Amini, Sara Bigdeli Shamloo, Karl Smith