33EMYBW is a Shanghai-based artist with a penchant for peculiar, unsettling sounds. Many of their self-released tracks, such as “EMSYGYDL”, feature spurts of alien timbres, distorted vocal samples, and light, lilting rhythms.

In 2017, 33EMYBW also shared a three-track release entitled MEDUSA. It opens with broken, club-oriented rhythms accompanied with peculiar vocal processing in “RANA”. The second track, “YAMA”, features driven, distorted percussion and experiments across the stereo field, whilst title track, “MEDUSA,” takes this fragmentation further, skipping nimbly across percussion and synth stabs. A dynamic artist working across various media, 33EMYBW has developed a distinct aesthetic rooted in a fascination with insects, aliens, and other creatures.

33EMYBW is a part of Shanghai-based band Duck Fight Goose, and also founded The Centaurs alongside GOOOOOSE. The Centaurs is a series of events in Shanghai promoting left-field electronic music as well as hosting workshops in music production, modular synthesis, and DIY software and hardware instruments.

Sounds of China’s Underground

Kunstquartier Studio 1, Thu 01.02.2018, 12:30

GOOOOOSE, 33EMYBW, Hyhp11E, Jason Hou, Mollie Zhang

CTM 2018 Phase Out II

SchwuZ II, Sun 04.02.2018, 22:00

GOOOOOSE, 33EMYBW, ZULI, DJ Storm, Pixelord